Peugeot 207 bsi fault problems

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Pin code reading. The tab below is for the full network test. An example of the location of the build number is shown below. Returned electronic units carry warranty labels. If these labels are broken, or a third party has opened the unit. The warranty is void for further investigation. We warrant our repairs and try to provide a professional service to all our customers. Files, photos, data and before and after diagnostics test screen shots are catalogued for every unit that come to us for inspection or repair.

There is no refund on faulty or used units. Please be aware that when sending bsi or ecu units in for repair, that your unit is not the only unit i have to work on at that moment in time. Normally there are several units being worked on and i cannot turn work around to suit customers needs all the time. This work can be very labour intensive and also does not go to plan. We have been offering our BSI repair service publically since and work very hard at what we offer.

So please don't be fooled as your units will probably be sent to a 3rd party to be repaired. We do all our work in house, no middle men, units are fully tested prior to dispatch. UK Copyright Service.

Peugeot 207 1.4 (2007) Faults. Engine, Power Steering and ABS lights ON. Fault finding and repair.

Registration Low battery voltage. Voltage spikes. Unit failure. Mileage correction. Site Map.There are mini motors. Then there are super-minis. One of these, hailing from the continental construction factories of the French, is the awesome Peugeot With a production run that started in and finished inthis is a good value car that has what it takes to wear the big trousers created by the very popular Using a modified platform originally created for the Citroen C3the was built for city motoring with 3 engine sizes on offer, including 1.

A car with this fault should not even be driven, let alone be considered as a candidate for your next motor. Are you thinking of buying a 3-door version of the ? This car has a few niggles and one of the most often reported is a problem with a shaky windscreendue to the fixing clips not holding out over the years. You should have no problems noticing this fault, which causes a rattling sound through-out the vehicle.

Ensure that all the display elements are working correctly as in some cases this part was known to fail outright.

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Test all controls and every light you can, to try to check the part is fully functioning. Avoid a car with these symptoms. When you take your potential Peugeot purchase out on the open highway, does the owner tell you not to worry about a couple of dashboard lights? If these are the anti-pollution system and the engine management lights, then avoid as this is a known glitch that can only be rectified by an official Peugeot dealer.

One of the most serious faults that can occur in the is with the ECU.

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Over time leaks within the coolant system can affect the electrical systems. Either of these problems should be a real red flag. When it comes to first time motoring, the is serious contender for your money — especially if you have a son or daughter that wants to get out on the road around city streets.

VAT No.Often the fault is initially misdiagnosed since the fault codes are blaming other sensors on the car, which can lead to replacing these sensors unnecessarily before identifying that the ECU is the cause of the fault.

Testing under real-world driving conditions and load, before and after the rebuild, ensures that the ECU will outlast the vehicle it is fitted back onto. Using only the highest rated components we will rebuild your ECU within working days. There is no need for any programming once you receive your rebuilt ECU back, just plug in and away you go.

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Send us your package by tracked courier the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email. Once received we will test, rebuild and return your engine ECU with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

Fill in and submit this test form. All workers within NHS, emergency services, care, education, food, utility, delivery services etc. English English Italiano. Programming: There is no need for any programming once you receive your rebuilt ECU back, just plug in and away you go.

This is not a problem, if you prefer this option then follow the following steps: Fill in and submit this test form. Print the booking confirmation email. We will then rebuild your engine ECU and return it to you with an unlimited mileage warranty. ECU Engine Management. Sent a Renault dash into them, came back fixed in a good time, great communications while it was being done! I really appreciate the work the company has done.

Really nice.

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Excellent service Good comes and the unit now works!! Click to read more www. All Rights Reserved.Hello There, Guest! Login Register — Login with Facebook. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Thread Rating: 9 Vote s - 2. Thread Modes. OK so the status of my fault has now changed!! It's now as per title when read with Lexia, please can you guys share your experiences on things to check?

Rustscrat BF. Has the Bsi got wet or is there any signs of dampness around it etc. No it hasn't, this fault has been intermittent and only on cold damp days with no ECU logged faults which led me to believe poor earth point somewhere.

Today it became Permanent and i could read the logged fault with Lexia. Ive had all the electrics out in the engine bay, ECU, wiring looms etc, emery clothed all earth connections and sprayed everything with contact cleaner, re-fitted it all and it fired up! We'll see what happens in the morning! Never a dull moment with french cars hey? Just found a nice 42k mile Mazda for my sister - tempted myself!

Had 4 Honda Civics in the past, never a moments bother! Ok, with the ignition on, do a global diagnostic check with Lexia. You should have a list of the ecu's and an answer of yes or no in the "dialogue" column.

What are the results? Also is the mileage showing up in the clocks and is the air bag light lit all the time? When the fault is present the only fault is showing is in the BSI dialogue, 'BSI permenant fault communication with engine ECU' and it basically says Short circuit to earth for every function, list with s of em.

ECU out, put it in a warm place for an hour airing cupboard and hey presto no faults engine starts ok no more faults in BSI. But tried again this morning and same problem. I'm suspect there's a bad contact on the map chip from when it was unsoldered and re-soldered back on from when it was remapped!

I'm going to try and get hold of the guy who did it and get him to re do the work. Cold and damp may cause just enough condensation for a short to earth as I guess these components are sensitive down to millivolts. View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Contact Us Berlingoforum. Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Lost Password? You have to register before you can post on our site. Advanced Search.Method for restarting the BSI: 1.

The very first step is to unplug the diagnostic tool from the vehicle if used 2. Then close all the doors and take out the key from ignition. Re attach the battery terminals and give a 10 second pause making sure the doors are closed. Turn the side lights on. Now turn the engine on and inspect the system functions. Press and hold down the lock button on the key for 10 seconds.

Remove key. Check the central locking system by unlocking and locking the door consecutively using the key Turn the engine on again and finish inspecting the system. Following any other procedure could cause malfunctioning of different units which depend on BSI.

peugeot 207 bsi fault problems

Method for connecting the battery: The following procedure is for reinstalling the battery connection unless told otherwise by Peugeot or Product service. All the doors have to be closed with the ignition key turned off and the key taken out. Now without opening the doors, reconnect the battery and wait for 10 seconds. Method for disconnecting the battery: 1.

Before disconnecting the battery, turn off all accessories and lights, closing all the doors and unplugging any kind of diagnostic tool. The drivers side window has to be kept open. Turn off the ignition and take out the key then disconnect the battery after an interval of 3 minutes. The BSI needs to go into to Sleep mode or Active Economy mode, during which nothing in the vehicle should be operating.

For batteries under the bonnet, the bonnet should be opened and left up before allowing the BSI to go into Sleep Mode.

peugeot 207 bsi fault problems

During this 3 minute interval, use of any remote control central locking gadgets for other vehicles should be avoided in the vicinity of the concerned vehicle.

Cheers Col. Better still, put the details in your signature. If not heeded it can cost you, bad. I had a blown interior light fuse. On checking if it was the bulb I noticed a frayed wire in the bulb assembly connector. Decided to fix it, just in case it came loose in the future and shorted.

peugeot 207 bsi fault problems

Since the interior light circuit is live all the time ie it can be energised without the key in the ignition, I decided to be a good boy and disconnect the battery.

I DID NOT follow the safe battery disconnect process detailed by Capncol Through ignorance of the process and proceeded to fix the interior light wiring and replace the fuse. On reconnection of the battery the cars system stayed in 'Economy mode' and wouldn't start.

I pulled and checked every fuse and tried the bsi soft reset procedure - no joy. Took it into garage, diagnosis - corrupted management program in the BSI.Can anyone help me. My wife's as just started to have a mind of its own. The wipers and head lights are always on although they are turned off. The heater don't work. Oil light on and it's got a brake fault on the dash.

Any ideas thanks in advance.

BSI (Body System Interface) Reboot Procedure

Defo the above, although you do need to remove the battery and its box to see properly. I've had a few earth cables break here. Other than checking connectors to both even that is a challenge ,there is very little that can be done without any diagnostic equipment. Okay that cost cash but I've seen too many cars littered with new parts trying to "shot gun" diagnose faults. Try and find a local Pug specialist who has Peugeot Planet diagnostics ore bit the bullet and go the dealer. Pop off the plastic cover to reveal the wiring connectors and chances are you will see the plug marked maron will probably have signs of shorting.

In the case of my ford focus,had same simptoms when alternator faild. Somehow dash went completly off after a while but engine was still running even if injectors are electronicaly controled.

Peugeot 207 ECU - common anti pollution fault

Try to charge your battery and siconect the alternator form the sistem The hot whire wich goes to battery. Dinsconect it on the alternator and if simptoms disapear, you may have the same isue as mine. Check the voltage across the battery with the engine running, it should read about Recently Asked Questions What reasonably-priced battery charger do you recommend? Can you suggest a reliable, economical and relatively cheap car for a young driver?

Can someone park over a dropped kerb outside their own house? Do I need to disconnect a car's battery to charge it? How often should a trickle charger be used on a car that's only used once weekly? Sign up to the HonestJohn. Latest News Headlines Coronavirus: Car insurers urged to refund UK drivers stuck in lockdown Car insurers in the UK are being urged to review their rates and refund drivers who are stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown.This Peugeot ECU is a very common failing unit that affects vehicles built between and with the standard 1.

Another common symptom of ECU failure is MOT emissions failure caused by a non-functioning lambda sensor circuit, if this occurs then you will likely have fault codes stored for the oxygen 02 sensor. We have also seen failure of this ECU to cause engine misfires and sporadic fault codes for various engine sensors. When we rebuild your own unit, we retain all the original programming and coding so there is no need for an expensive trip to the main dealer afterwards, it is just a case of plugging it back in and away you go.

We rebuild these Peugeot ECUs for main dealers and specialists all over the globe so you can be assured of our very high standard of work. Package the Peugeot engine ECU inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material make sure you include your confirmation email in the box. Send us your package by tracked courier the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email. Once received we will test, rebuild and return your engine ECU with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

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Fill in and submit this test form. If you require further information regarding this Peugeot engine ECU, then please contact us. All workers within NHS, emergency services, care, education, food, utility, delivery services etc. English English Italiano. Peugeot ECU - common anti pollution fault. ECU Engine Management.

Comments on "Peugeot ECU - common anti pollution fault". Hi I have an issue where I keep getting the anti pollution fault on my GTi bhp model my spark plug has been killed due to the fault replaced was running fine but a week later "when cold" minus temperatures message pop up and idle is missing really bad any help would be great thanks.

Hi David, we would recommend checking the stored fault codes in the engine management ECU against those on our list above. I have a Peugeot sport auto with fault codes P, P, with air pollution warning message.

Where do I find the ECU and is the part number generally visible without removing it. Hi Andrew, from the fault code you have stored it appears you may have a faulty engine ECU. This ECU is located in the engine bay near the battery. Hi Benario, just match the part number from your existing ECU to the correct one on this page. Hi Dave, please select your part number from the list for further information of shipping and cost.

How much to rebuild Ecu Peugeot 1. Hi Max, just select your part number above for pricing and shipping information. Sent a Renault dash into them, came back fixed in a good time, great communications while it was being done!

I really appreciate the work the company has done. Really nice. Excellent service Good comes and the unit now works!! Click to read more www. All Rights Reserved.

peugeot 207 bsi fault problems